HomeCStore was launched by Kassir Co., Inc., a respected importer, exporter and wholesale distributor of general merchandise that has serviced thousands of customers nationwide since 1989.

For more than two decades, Kassir Company has been a leading distributor to wholesalers, mini marts, chain stores and many other types of retailers. By importing international products and providing products at the best prices, Kassir Company has built a reputation for quality and service to a variety of consumer stores and markets.

With HomeCStore, Kassir Company now offers its convenience store merchandise lines directly to the public. From air fresheners, colognes and perfumes to hair care products/accessories, beauty products, smoking supplies, medicines, vitamins, snack products and more, we designed HomeCStore as a one-stop source for the products you need, as well as a source for wholesalers and distributors to stock up on their best-selling items at a competitive price.