Welcome to HomeCStore

If this is the first time you’ve walked through the virtual doors of our HomeCStore, welcome. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting our site. Our goal is to return the concept of convenience, as well as value, to the convenience store shopping experience. And unlike the store in your neighborhood, we never run out of the products you need.


The site is the culmination of nearly a decade of planning, patience and preparation. We had the idea long ago, but transforming that idea into reality had to wait until we were certain we could do it right.


The plan, right from the beginning, was to offer the easiest way possible to shop from home for the products usually found in convenience stores, with no membership required, while also offering wholesalers a way to buy in bulk at lower prices.


But back in 1990, our company consisted of one man, Jay Kassir, who bought a truck and established relationships with numerous convenience store suppliers in Los Angeles. He began distributing products to dollar stores, gas station mini-marts and convenience store franchises throughout the area, and quickly developed a reputation for delivering good service at competitive prices.


From Jay’s efforts, Kassirco grew from one person to more than 50 employees today. After several buying trips to China to find additional sources of low-cost products for his customers, Jay ultimately established his own manufacturing facilities there, from where he now supplies more than 5,000 stores nationwide.


The next step was to take the company online. To deliver the kind of site that would make online shopping a pleasant, welcoming experience, Kassirco teamed up with WebJaguar and AdvancedEMedia to build a site that would be accessible to both retail and wholesale customers, and that could list thousands of products, from lip balms and lighters to batteries and smoking supplies, from top manufacturers. The result is what you see.


 Twenty-four hour service, backed by experienced, friendly people to make sure your products are delivered on time – that’s the HomeCStore difference. We think you’ll like the way we do business.